Guidance on copyright and the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal

To seek permission to reproduce content (articles or images) from the YAJ, please contact the editors: yas.editor@gmail.com

Since 2011, volume 83, the YAJ has been published by Maney Publishing. Previous volumes were issued by the Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society, whose copyright as publisher of the journal continues for 25 years from date of publication.

It is the responsibility of anyone seeking permission from YAHS to establish whether consent is additionally needed from other parties and to request their permission if necessary. Images appearing within articles may well be subject to further copyright protection – for instance if reproduced from archival material or with permission from other sources; or are photographs or plans specially produced for the article.

Authors’ rights in their work extend after their lifetime until 70 years after their death. It will be necessary therefore to make every effort to contact the article’s author(s) or their executors to obtain permission to reproduce the work.

The society is currently considering digitizing back issues of the YAJ for online publication, and in view of these plans is reluctant to grant piecemeal permissions to place YAJ articles on other websites.

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YAJ notes for authors - Nov 2014 - 115k - this is a zipped pdf file for downloading