Volume 85 (2013)


150th Anniversary Papers:

The Development of Archaeological Thought as Evidenced in the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal by John Collis

Personalities and Publishing; Two Aspects of the History of the Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society, 1863-2013 by Brian Barber


Iron Age Saltworking on the Yorkshire Coast at Street Houses, Loftus, Cleveland by Stephen J. Sherlock and Blaise Vyner

Pontefract: A Review of the Evidence for the Medieval Town by Ian Roberts and Christopher Whittick

The Romanesque Sculpture at Adel Church, West Riding – A Suggested Interpretation by Rita Wood

An English Pre-Reformation Processional Cross at the Bar Convent, York by Michael Carter

Searching for Brunanburh: The Yorkshire Context of the 'Great War' of 937 by Michael Wood

The Domestic Economy of the Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Holmfirth Textile Industry by David Hey

Joseph Aloysius Hansom (1803-82): His Yorkshire Works, Patronage and Contributions to the Catholic Revival by Penelope Harris

Attercliffe, Sheffield: The Rise of Labour Examined in Two By-Elections, 1894-1909 by David Vessey


Creating an Industrial History Database for Yorkshire by Robert Vickers

Elizabeth K. Berry [obituary]