Volume 84 (2012)


Prehistoric Pits at Auchinleck Close, Driffield, East Yorkshire by Andrew Walsh, Terry Manby and Ian Roberts

Finding a Dim Far-away Past: Nineteenth Century Archaeological Endeavour in Cleveland by Blaise Vyner

Assessing the Contribution of Commercial Archaeology to the Study of Roman South and West Yorkshire 1990-2004 by Nick Hodgson

A Review of Large-scale Man-made River and Stream Diversions in the Humberhead Region by Geoff Gaunt

The Church of St Edith, Bishop Wilton, East Riding: A Sympathetic Nineteenth Century Restoration allows an Interpretation of the Romaneque Sculpture by Rita Wood

Politics and Patrimony During the Wars of the Roses: The Probable Sheriff's Seal of Sir John Neville of Liversedge by David Marcombe

'Some Rarityes that Lye in this Lordshippe of yours Called Gisbrough': The Cottonian Manuscript Transcribed by Dan O'Sullivan

A County Election in Miniature? Electing the Yorkshire Registrars of Deeds, 1701-1884 by Brian Barber

The Effects of Enclosure on Ancient Roads: A Case Study of Weeton Township, Lower Wharfedale by Roger Davis

Yorkshire Days in Edwardian England: E.I.Watkin's Diary and his Friendship with Christopher Dawson by Joseph T. Stuart

Dr R.M Butler [obituary]
Kenneth Emsley [obituary]]
Dr R.A.Hall [obituary]